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Co-ed Tuesday Bowling (Winter 1) 2022  Bowling · Co-Ed Social

Winter 2022
Nov 1 ’22
Dec 13 ’22
Registration Dates:
Oct 3 ’22 – Oct 9 ’22 early bird
Oct 10 ’22 – Oct 20 ’22 regular
Oct 21 ’22 – Oct 23 ’22 late
oc lanes
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:30pm to 9:00pm

5 Players per Team

Team Fees
Early Bird $55.00 per player + 3.0% Processing Fee
Regular $65.00 per player + 3.0% Processing Fee
Late $75.00 per player + 3.0% Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $55.00 + 3.0% Processing Fee
Regular $65.00 + 3.0% Processing Fee
Late $75.00 + 3.0% Processing Fee

2 games per night with your team of 5 (At least 1 female on team required)! 7 week league.

*Bowling Shoes included!


Team vs Team Matchups Weekly (Team combined pins vs other team combined pins)

3 Point Matchups

1st match Winner = 1 point

2nd match winner = 1 point

Highest Total Pin Count after 2 games = 1 point

*Team with <=2 points that night gets the Win

(Pins above average for ties. So for example, in the instance of a tie where each team wins a game. One teams average is 500 (100 average for 5 bowlers) and they are facing a team with a 1000 team average (200 average for 5 bowlers). The team with 500 average bowls a team game knocking down 550 pins. The team with 1000 average bowls a 1020 game. If a tie happens, the team with a 500 average wins due to the fact they knocked down more pins above their average.)

Absent Bowler: The bowler who is absent will have a score minus 10 pins of their average. Meaning the bowler who is bowling against the absent bowler, will just have to shoot better than 9 pins lower their average. Example: If my average is 150 and I am bowling against an absent bowler, I need to shoot a 141 or better to get my point.

When there is a sub: The sub will establish their average their first night of subbing. The teams will not know if they won their points or not until the scores/average is entered in the system.

In both cases, the front desk needs to be informed and revisions need to be made on the score sheets.

League Notes:

Registration is closed

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